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Technical Innovation

Technical Innovation

Since the inception, Shenzhen Red Fairy Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has laid emphasis on the absorption and cultivation of talents, and established a technical team taking the leader of “Project 863” as the core. Currently, we have established a perfect research and development system. At present, our company has 30 R&D employees including 3 masters, as well as relatively high scientific research development and technical innovation capability, ensuring that our company stands still at the leading edge of new energy development in the environment with fierce market competition.


At present, Red Fairy has more than 180 utility model patents, 9 appearance design patents and 8 software copyrights. Our company will make full use of S&T human resources besides our own resources in the modes of introduction, cooperation, sharing and so on in terms of talent and R&D instruments/equipment, scientific data and documents, achievements, etc. Meanwhile, our company will enhance the project management mechanism in the implementation process, and do the overall planning, macro guidance, planning connection, resource allocation and project management well, to maximize the integrated use of S&T resources, ensuring smooth implementation of projects.