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Equipment automation

Equipment automation

  Red Fairy Other enterprises in the same industry
Automation department Specialized automation department Relatively less
Automation degree Ranking the first two or above in the industry Slight automation, or no automation
Automation realization period About three months after putting into production More than eight months after putting into operation
Automation realization method Self-control Outsourcing
Automation realization cost About 1/3 of that of outsourcing equipment Three times or higher than that of self-controlled products
Automation equipment maintenance Convenience, low cost Inconvenience and high cost
Confidentiality for processes and products Relatively high Easy secret leakage








Battery cover automatic assembly line

Productivity increase of 3 times (equipment 600pcs / H, artificial 200pcs / H).Components can be installed anti, missing equipment and other misbehaving phenomena, improve product quality.




F56 soft connection automatic line

ndependent development of dry ice chip, stamping plastic package to enhance the efficiency and quality,Equipment production capacity 2000pcs/H.





Soft connection automatic line

Stamping, welding, flattening, reduce turnover and improve production efficiency.



Cap injection molding loading and unloading manipulator

Automatic assembly of plastic loading and unloading, automatic production to achieve unmanned, and injection beats match.,Equipment production capacity 2000pcs/H.






Universal pole seal equipment

Automatic loading and unloading, CCD full seized ring bad and bad assembly, to avoid missing equipment.



C15 molecular welding copper and aluminum wire

The original artificial daily capacity 3K pcs / D, equipment capacity 15K pcs / D, 5 times the production capacity.



Automatic ceramic equipment installed

Compared with manual production capacity doubled, low production costs, high efficiency, the measured capacity 1000pcs/H。






Flip, Blasting equipment

Flip, blasting equipment, high accuracy in line with customer requirements, increase print data storage.



Cover helium inspection equipment and equipment

Replace the fixture to achieve product sharing, helium and positive pressure combined to improve machine utilization, improve detection accuracy, to avoid misjudgment.Equipment capacity:400PCS/H





Aluminum shell punch robot

Aluminum stamping production synchronized handling, and punch match, replace the artificial.