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"Power battery and module supporting structure upgrade optimization" keynote speech

"Power battery and module supporting structure upgrade optimization" keynote speech

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January 2018 January 8 to 10, 2017 High-tech Lithium & Electric Vehicle Annual Meeting grand opening.

January 2018 January 8 to 10, 2017 High-tech Lithium & Electric Vehicle Annual Meeting grand opening.  Wang Yousheng, general manager ofRed Fairymade a keynote speech entitled "upgrade and optimization of power battery and module supporting structure."


In the context of power battery quality and cost reduction, high safety, high capacity, high density and low cost have become the mainstream trends. In response to this trend,Red Fairyhas made a series of explorations on structural components, including the new welding technology , The development of new molding technology, high energy density, high-rate charge-discharge battery structure program, self-designed safety valve and high-power OSD flip integration path.


The specific mode of operation,Red Fairythrough the new equipment, new structure, new technology, new materials and intellectual property on the layout.


On the new equipment,Red Fairyhas set up an automation department to independently research and develop automation equipment to help increase productivity and at the same time, cooperate with the development of automation equipment and production lines.


In the new structure,Red Fairyhas completed low-cost prepole verification and experimental work to complete the design of low-cost high-capacity structure, sample preparation; aluminum shell R angle weight reduction structure to complete the design and production; there are new RDF Explosion-proof valve structure, flip-chip structure samples.


In the exploration of new technology,Red Fairydeveloped a non-scrap process on the top plate of the top cover, and the material utilization rate was raised from 40% to 80%. Through the new welding process, preliminary research and application of copper and aluminum laser welding, copper and aluminum resistance welding, metal plastic welding, electromagnetic pulse welding, molecular diffusion welding. No waste of aluminum on the process of verification and experiment in progress. In addition, the first sample of the top cover weight loss program has also been completed on the introduction of new materials.Red Fairycompleted a variety of new features of various components (composite materials, conductive materials) verification, at present, a total of 156 patents.


Wang Yousheng said that while maintaining close cooperation with downstream clients, it is also forward-looking to conduct pioneering research on product format, product technology, product performance and quality control. In the future,Red Fairywill be the overall solution provider for power battery structural parts, providing customers with the overall structural packing service.